About Us

The idea for Merit By Sight came about from the reality of today's competitive job market. The fact is that almost all recruiters and hiring managers screen candidates online, and for every job posting they are flooded with hundreds of résumés. Those are crazy odds for anyone who doesn't stand out. The standard black and white résumé just doesn't cut it anymore. Everyone has their own DNA or personal brand that makes them unique. They need to show it or risk getting lost in the abyss of unsuccessful career pursuits. Our reason for being is to help professionals stand out, like a bright light, with their own personal brand.

What if a hiring manager received a candidate’s résumé or profile in a more visual format with highlighted information in the form of graphs, charts, or graphic elements that showcase key achievements, skills, and quantifiable accomplishments. The buzzword is “infographics” which have been used by the government and corporate world to show complicated information graphically, but have not really been applied widely (or well) to personal résumés.

We have met with some of the top recruiters in the country and the response to the products we have provided for our clients has been "I can see clearly what sets this candidate apart." Once hiring managers and recruiters become accustomed to receiving professional, well-designed infographic résumés along with the old-fashioned, text-only, traditional résumés, we believe they will become a standard in the professional job market. Merit By Sight's clients continue to express their appreciation for what we do.

“Thank you Merit By Sight  for giving me the tools that helped me land my dream job…just because things have "always" been done a certain way, doesn't mean we should be stuck in old, boring formats that don't fit contemporary needs."  – Lauren Spokane, Merit By Sight Customer

We have assembled a core of strong business and creative professionals to help us deliver the very best products and services for our clients. We are dedicated to helping business professionals prepare for their next career move and to get the chance for a face-to-face interview within a desired company. Our signature line is "Setting you apart is what we do best." It is not just a tagline, it is our mission. We welcome the opportunity to work with you, to earn your trust, and to help you achieve your professional goals.