A professional-looking traditional résumé is a must-have, and beyond that, it must capture the interest of a hiring manger in less than seven seconds. So, all the key words that a hiring manager is looking for must be in it, and it must be well organized, clean, and void of any typos or grammatical errors. Merit By Sight can make sure that your résumé is as good as it can be.

If you make the first cut competing with up to 200 other résumés, that's just one of the hurdles. A standard black and white résumé may just not be enough to set you apart from your competition. Our specialty at Merit By Sight is designing and producing visual, or infographic résumés that punch your key achievements, performance results, and relevant skills in a way that makes you stand out. Below are some examples of the juxtaposition of a standard résumé and a visual infographic résumé.

       standard            Infographic              standard             Infographic

Merit by Sight can create a look that fits you perfectly and shows your key strengths at a glance. Below are samples from our Library of Infographics. Pleas contact us for questions and costs. We can assure you that the cost will be less than the first couple days at your new job.

 Samples of Merit By Sight's Infographic Résumés

The Social Media Element

Once you have the best résumé and the greatest infographic résumé, the next element of your personal brand that you need to pay attention to is your social media. A survey by Jobvite has revealed that over 90% of hiring managers screen a candidate's social media at some point in the process, but probably before you have any idea that you're being screened. Merit By Sight helps professionals "look their best" on any and all of their social media networking sights. We can review and provide a checklist of necessary changes, additions, or deletions required to make your social media consistent, complete, and reflective of how you want to present your personal brand.

The Next Step

Since we've tailored your text and visual resumés to the position you want, the next step is to help you get a foot in the door. We can serve as your advocate in placing your unique presentation package with the appropriate recruiters or hiring managers. Although we can't guarantee that we will get you the job, we can guarantee that we will make you stand out as a candidate that is very professional and well positioned in your chosen career path.