What is a personal brand and what does it mean to me?

Your personal brand is what distinguishes you and makes you unique. It encompasses your personality, how you behave, how you communicate and what you show about yourself. At Merit By Sight, your personal brand is how you present yourself to potential employers or recruiters. By visually presenting your own personal brand, you clearly separate yourself from everyone else.

I haven’t seen an infographic résumé before, are they common?

An Infogrphic résumé is a relatively new concept for personal professional use. Corporations and the government have used infographics for years to communicate complicated data. Merit By Sight has seen a meaningful use for infographic résumés for professionals to show important information in an easy to understand, well-designed, visual form.  

What are the benefits of an infographic résumé?

By including an infographic résumé with your standard résumé, you are communicating to the hiring manager or recruiter that you are unique and can “think outside of the box”.  Plus you are clearly showing what makes you perfect for the job you’re seeking.

do employers and hiring managers value infographic résumés?

We have met with leading recruiters and hiring managers in various industries to find out what they would like to see in infographic résumés and what would be helpful to them in their decision-making process. What hiring managers would like to see varies depending on the industry and the job. We have received only encouragement, support and excitement about our concept to help professionals stand out and to make the recruiters’ and hiring managers’ jobs easier.

What is the cost to make my standard résumé more professional?

The cost for the traditional résumé depends on how much time we need to get your résumé up to snuff. If it requires minor revisions, grammatical corrections, and organizational recommendations, we only charge $129. If it needs more extensive text writing/revisions, needs to be condensed to fewer pages, and/or needs a more professional look, the cost starts at $299. 

What does it cost for an infographic résumé?

Since everyone’s infographic résumé is unique in some way, it is essentially a custom product.  We spend the time we need with each client to find out what key information deserves be highlighted and how. The cost ranges from $399-499, which may on the surface seem a bit expensive, but it boils down to less than a couple days of employment at the job it helps you land.  Veterans price is $299.

How long does it take to get an infographic résumé?

Our normal time frame is within 10 days of compiling all of your information. If you need it within 5 days, our rush fee is $95.

Do I need to have social media accounts and, if so, which ones?

LinkedIn is a “must have”, since it is one of the main platforms for professionals. Recruiters are using sites like LinkedIn to source candidates for jobs they are trying to fill. Most people are on Facebook, but it’s generally for personal sharing and communication. Hiring managers and recruiters, however, will search all of your social media networks to find out more about you.  

Why do I need Merit by Sight to review my social media?

The challenge for all of us is that it’s very hard to view something so personal as our social media objectively. Employers are looking to learn more about you and to get a sense for what kind of person you are and if you're a suitable candidate. Regardless of how professional your traditional résumé may be and how compelling your infographic résumé may be, if there is something objectionable in your social media, or it's incomplete, or filled with inconsistencies, you will be eliminated from consideration.

How do I use the infographic  résumé?

There are several key uses for an infographic résumé:
1.     Your infographic résumé should be part of your application packet along with your traditional résumé. It reinforces your strengths and why you should be invited to an interview or progress to the next stage in the process.

2.     Attach your infographic résumé to your LinkedIn page at the end of your summary section. Recruiters are looking at social media to fill positions. They will view your infographic résumé and see how you stand out.

3.     At the beginning of an interview, hand your infographic résumé to the interviewer. It can help to steer the interview in the direction you want.

 Do I need a different infographic résumé for every job application?

You don’t need a different infographic résumé if you're applying for the same kind of job, but if you are applying to a different industry (sales vs. IT, for example), your infographic résumé should highlight different qualifications and skills.

How Do I Get Started?

Just go to our Contact Us page and send us a message that you would like to be contacted. There is no charge for the initial contact from us. We will get back to you within 24 hours, at which point we will find out what your goals are and ask that you send us what you have in the form of a résumé. Once we review your résumé, we will let you know what you need to give you a more professional presentation. We will also let you know If we think you would benefit from having an infographic résumé. Our goal is give you what you need to be successful!